MALKO “#CallToAction2018” – Ada Favaron

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MALKO “#CallToAction2018” is a project designed to raise awareness concerning the plastic pollution problem.


Art and design can be a medium to share a positive message for a better future.
For such reason MALKO selected 6 designers and artists asking to represent what does ‘Less is future’ mean to them. Week by week, each participant’s practice will be introduced together with his/her project outcome.


Today we continue with the contribution n°5 designed by Ada Favaron.


Ada Favaron is an Italian graphic designer and visual researcher based in Berlin. She questions the myths of cultural identity and her curiosity is mainly triggered by conspiracy theories, subcultures and the dilemma authentic vs. fake.
Interweaving modes of ‘mockumentary’ and essay she engages with found footage – mainly on the web – and using a provoking tone she questions the role of the designer as a creator of documentary material and as visual storyteller.




“With its direct – and playful – aesthetics the artwork aims to remind us of the dreadful times we are living in.
The consumption of plastic is huge, and so is the length of its recycling process: just by making a simple (conscious) choice – buying a water bottle and refilling it multiple times, instead of buying hundreds and using them just once – we can partake in fostering an eco-friendly lifestyle.” (Ada Favaron, 08/2018)



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