MALKO “#CallToAction2018” – Hana Jira

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MALKO “#CallToAction2018” is a project designed to raise awareness concerning the plastic pollution problem.


Art and design can be a medium to share a positive message for a better future.
For such reason MALKO selected 6 designers and artists asking to represent what does ‘Less is future’ mean to them. Week by week, each participant’s practice will be introduced together with his/her project outcome.


Today we continue with the contribution n°4 designed by Hana Jira.


Interactivity, mapping, illustrations, information visualization, virtual environment, scales, sizes and other variables are just some of the components of Hana’s design practice. She address the problem of human impact on biodiversity through different approaches in her design methods, in order to deliver a information and/or notion for the viewer.




“We rely on our trash bins to solve the problem of our waste, believing it magically makes all the waste disappear as soon as it is out of our site. Extending our view beyond that and acknowledging the consequences of our consumption and activi- ties which permanently stay in our environment, moves us in the direction of reduction rather than just replacement. Less plastic, less disposing, less waste and finally less pollution indeed will bring better future for our biodiversity.”
(Hana Jira, 08/2018)



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