MALKO #CallToAction2018 – Marco Dalle Fratte

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MALKO “#CallToAction2018” is a project designed to raise awareness concerning the plastic pollution problem.


Art and design can be a medium to share a positive message for a better future.
For this reason MALKO selected 6 designers and artists asking to represent what does ‘Less is future’ mean to them. Week by week, each participant’s practice will be introduced together with his/her project outcome.


Today we continue with the contribution n°3 designed by Marco Dalle Fratte.


Marco Dalle Fratte is a graphic designer that works on the edge between artistic research and industrial production, functionality and cryptic messages, irony and social engagement. In every project he challenges the user to question the visual elements, follow its interpretations and come up with its own point of view that is never universal nor imposed. This need to actively interact as a free-thinking individual and not following the instructions as a part of the mass is the political engine that drives every Marco’s outcome.




“‘LESS IS FUTURE’ means that we, as a society, as a human being collective, need to get rid of old habits that brought us on the verge of precipice. It’s nothing sensational nor blatant, but it’s radical and inherited in our everyday life. Life is like this and we can’t change this because we don’t want to. Everything that is not given by nature can be changed, adapted to our needs for a better world or erased. The ways we can operate are limitless.”
(Marco Dalle Fratte, 08/2018)


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