MALKO is thrilled to introduce “#CallToAction2018” – Giulia Bardelli

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MALKO is thrilled to introduce “#CallToAction2018”, a project designed to raise awareness concerning the plastic pollution problem.


Art and design can be a medium to share a positive message for a better future.


For such reason MALKO selected 6 designers and artists asking to represent what does “Less is future” mean to them. Week by week, each participant’s practice will be introduced together with his/her project outcome.


Today we start with the contribution n°1 designed by MALKO’s graphic designer and communication manager Giulia Bardelli. 

Giulia Bardelli is a graphic and digital designer from Italy based in the Netherlands. Over the years she developed a strong focus on the relationship between the body and the media, particularly the digital ones. This inclination led her to assume a critical stance on topics of social relevance in the post-digital age, and to dig into the possibilities emerging at the intersection of graphic design and programming. From a methodological viewpoint, her approach is characterised by a growing level of automatisation during both research and production phase.

Besides this, she is MALKO’s graphic designer and communication manager.


Her call to action’s visual interpretation relies on a purely typographical approach based on subtraction. Starting from the main sentence “less is future”, specific letters’ parts have been removed. The result is a composition which plays with the boundaries between the concept of readability and ornament.

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