MALKO #CallToAction2018 – Andrea Guccini

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MALKO “#CallToAction2018” is a project designed to raise awareness concerning the plastic pollution problem.


Art and design can be a medium to share a positive message for a better future.
For this reason MALKO selected 6 designers and artists asking to represent what does ‘Less is future’ mean to them. Week by week, each participant’s practice will be introduced together with his/her project outcome.


Today we continue with the contribution n°2 designed by Andrea Guccini.


Andrea Guccini is an independent graphic designer based in Bologna (Italy). He previously worked with Tassinari/Vetta in Trieste, Studio Mut in Bolzano, Unit Editions in London and Mondadori in Milan. He operates in the field of visual identity, editorial and web design for art, culture and commerce.




“My interpretation of “less is future” resembles an ancient Latin dogma, written in gothic lettering with a contemporary key. The minimal typography, built with a simple use of few basic shapes, points upwards as if it is growing towards the future.”
(Andrea Guccini, 08/2018)


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