Why “Less is future”? A glimpse into Malko’s future perspective

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 “With the slogan Less is future, Italian product design brand Malko was born to inspire an eco-friendly lifestyle, fighting against waste through changing people’s daily habits with their Malko bottle” says Minimalissimo




Why do we choose “Less is future” as tagline? Because Malko talk today with an eye on the future. We strongly believe in a better future with less disposable consumption. Don’t you?



We believe that good design can be a solution for better lifestyle, by improving the quality of life with an eye-catching look and environmental friendly touch. We are inspired by designing new temperaments through functionality products with eco-friendly soul.



And we want to offer to you a new way to think and to act. We want to offer a new way to believe, where design functionality and quality are as important as sustainability.



Malko believe design has to have a social role and drive the change for a better living. Malko aim to offer to people a new way to consume responsibly but with strongly character. Don’t be just another consumer, be a good one.



Reading some news you can just read-out something insane like: “A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and the number will jump another 20% by 2021, creating an environmental crisis some campaigners predict will be as serious as climate change.” The Guardian



Does it make any sense? For us of course not. The irrational use to plastic bottle should stop today, and we have the responsibility to start act now. Yesterday we had have started for stopped this crisis, today is too late, tomorrow we won’t have any chance to solve the environmental crisis.



MALKO decides to take action. We want to make our best to reduce the amount of disposable items used over the world ( check this article). 




Malko is for people not afraid to strive for a better living.

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